Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is a true storey. The other day I was having a coffee break at a café near my shop. I was sitting outside on the patio. A middle aged couple sat down at a table nearby. As the woman was putting down her coffee and pulling up a chair she remarked to her male companion “this is such a nice café, I love what they’ve done with the tables and counter tops, I think it’s a kind of Birdseye Maple”.

The table tops and counters are in fact made from a type of OSB, a low cost panel often used as sheathing, with a lumpy thick layer of glossy epoxy resin pored over them.

The image at the top is an actual table top. The image at the bottom is real Birdseye Maple.

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  1. Hi Francis,

    This is actually an image of Parallam, a member of the parallel strand lumber family. OSB never uses black glue, as it is too expensive. Parallam is the strongest engineered wood product made and the first plant to make it is on Annacis Island in New Westminster. They are still going strong.

    Thanks for the blog. I enjoy reading it.