Monday, October 3, 2011


It seems that like us, many of the exhibitors at IDSWEST 2010 decided to take a break this year.
It was a very different experience to be at the show as an attendee rather than an exhibitor.
Overall the show seemed to be considerably smaller, and in general the exhibits were also smaller.
Some of my personal favourites were:
Future Masters, Young Designers West I especially liked the ceramic work of Sarah Péloquin-Ladany and the wood chair by Tom Chung.
Edgewater Studio This is a custom tile company. Both Edgewater and Sarah Péloquin-Ladany use Moorish designs in their work. I too have been influenced by this.
Izm Studio This is a group from Edmonton. They showed some great wood furniture pieces.
I was pleased to see at least three examples of great chair designs by local artists. As a designer and maker of many chairs I have always considered them the ultimate furniture design challenge and the design possibilities are infinite.

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