Saturday, January 2, 2010


What is relevant woodworking? How is woodworking relevant to you or to anyone today?
This blog is generally focussed on woodworking as it pertains to art and manufacturing rather than the construction industry.
I am a designer and artist working principally in wood. I design and make wood furniture and other products. I am a cabinetmaker (joiner) and run a shop producing custom furniture and architectural woodwork.,

Like many industries this one has seen a lot of change over the past several decades, with huge changes over the last ten years or so. The most significant changes that come to mind are one, the global economy that has shifted most manufacturing to China and other low labour, low energy cost countries and two, changes in materials science and manufacturing technologies specifically, the use of plastic instead of wood and the use of computer aided design and manufacturing. Other significant changes that come to mind are changes to the labour market, education, trades training, changes to government and industry programs as well as environmental concerns.
My business is located in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. My observations and opinions are seen from this culture and location. Of course, I am influenced by everything I read and hear about from other sources all over the world, but most of my experience is here and the bulk of my business is conducted here.

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