Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have just received news that my friend Ted Lehn passed away on January 2 2010. Ted was an architect based in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island WA. He and his wife Jennifer recently moved to Panama.
I first met Ted in the mid eighties. I was showing some of my new chair designs at a group show at the Charles Scott Gallery on Granville Island. Ted was at the opening and was very interested in the work. He later bought some pieces for his new gallery in Friday Harbor. We became friends and collaborated on projects.
As an architect, Ted was unusual in his support for crafts and his enthusiasm about craft in architecture. He would enlist craftspeople to contribute as artists and designers on his projects with no insecurities about giving full credit and acknowledgement to them.
I loved his enthusiasm and spontaneity. He loved Vancouver and would often bring his clients for weekend visits. He was always on the lookout for talented artists and craftspeople and would insist that his clients accompany him on studio visits. He was a great advocate for all things creative.
As an architect and a person, Ted was unique, a very positive force who always made us happy. He will be missed. Obituary

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  1. The passing away of people you know is an experience I appreciate from various angles. One of them is described in my blog post from May 2009. Thank you Francis for sharing.